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What You Say About Us!
The best way to find out if a GapGuru gap year is right for you is to hear from the people who’ve been there and done it themselves! You can read in-depth, day-to-day accounts of our volunteers and interns in our Blogs, but for an overview of what taking a gap year with GapGuru is really like, read some recent testimonials below:
My project in Cambodia was a fantastic experience that blew away my expectations in terms of what we had expected to be involved with and the experience gained from the project. I was involved in every aspect of the medical centre, interacting with patients individually and cooperating with the local doctor who checked over our work. I took vitals off patients, 'interviewed' them to find a diagnosis and was placed, for the majority of the time, with the doctor in which we could witness the day by day cases and how the doctor would treat each patient which was explained to us throughout. My overall experience was one that went way over my expectations in every aspect from accommodation, the volunteer project and the experience that I gained.
Daniel Warren, December 2013
Teaching kids is a whole load of fun that does at times push you to your limits and lets you know what those limits are. Being immersed in different cultures gives you different perspectives about life and teaches you a lot of life lessons along the way. It's definitely worth it if you want to make a difference in the world. When kids started speaking some English to me the sense of accomplishment was amazing even if it was just a phrase, any progress was good progress.
Morne Snyman, October 2013
I'll keep it short but sweet. Literally had the best experience of my life so far in Cambodia. I didn't want to come home.
Emily Nolan, September 2013
I had an absolutely amazing time in Tanzania. The children at the school were great and hugely enthusiastic and I am so happy to have met all the teachers and my host family. I left wishing that I could have stayed for longer and it was an experience I will always remember!
Clemmie Mitchell, September 2013
This experience was immeasurable. I'm so thankful to everyone and every place I was able to see. The lives and experiences that have touched me are countless. This was the turning point in my life; made me a much more passionate and happy person. I see the light in everyone now. My biases are gone, my confidence has increased. The world feels... not so big anymore. I'm capable of conquering it! Thank you GapGuru.
Nikki Casper, August 2013
Two weeks is definitely not long enough would have loved to have been able to stay longer. It was an amazing experience which taught me a lot. The children have such a passion for learning. Hopefully be able to go back one day!
Jacque Brownlie, July 2013
The SMURD program in Romania was the perfect opportunity for me to further explore my interests in emergency medicine and to advance my knowledge in medical procedures hands-on.
Britt Logothetis, June 2013
Tanzania was, without doubt, the best experience of my life. It was both enjoyable and eye-opening. I would thoroughly recommend this programme, the combination of voluntary work, safari and mountain trek made it truly unforgettable. I couldn't have asked for better support from Samina and Dan at the office, and from the teachers at the school. Arusha is an incredible, lively and unique city, I look forward to visiting again in the future.
Jeremy Omar, June 2013
I really enjoyed my time in Cambodia. Every day was different and exciting (and, usually, somewhat challenging - in a good way), which I found to be a great change of pace from my life back home.
Ian Tkach, March 2013
This project was unique because unlike the teachers, who went to one place every day, I went out to the rural areas and interviewed people who would normally have no contact with Western people. I got to see more of what Cambodia is really like outside of the cities. It was a unique experience that I am very glad I participated in. Through the Business Internship in Cambodia I was able to see much more of the real Cambodia than many visitors are able to see. I wouldn't trade my experiences for anything.
Tim Hanlon, February 2013
The best 2 months! I learnt so much in the school which will be very useful when i start my teaching degree in September. I also gained confidence and had so much fun. The children were great and so were all the other volunteers. GapGuru should be very proud of their projects!!
Rhiannon Jones, February 2013
I loved my time in the school it was very rewarding and interesting to be fully embraced in the schools culture. The staff integrated me fully in school life and encouraged me to take part in the religious festivals. The school staff were very welcoming and looked after me well. The children were also great fun and lovely to socialize with. They were very friendly and regularly welcomed me to take part in their games and activities.
Isabel Howe, September 2012
I cannot thank Charlotte and Kim enough for their help, kindness and support, they went far beyond what they had to, and I would not have been able to experience as much of Cambodia or feel as comfortable as I did without them. My volunteer experience in Cambodia was the best two months of my life, I made lots of new friends, got to visit a beautiful country and of course, got to work with some amazing children.
Stuart Breese, September 2012
Teaching in Bangalore was a fantastic experience. The children have very little in the way of learning resources or play equipment but what they lack in materials, they definitely make up in enthusiasm and excitement! I actually cried on my first day. Seeing young children arrive to school with no shoes and dirty clothes was shocking at first but when you look past all that, all you see is their beaming smiles and all you hear is their laughter when you say something to them in your funny accent! I not only got to teach some amazing children but I also made some great friends at the school and my homestay.
Bhavna Patel, September 2012
My time in Tanzania was fantastic - I managed to fully immerse myself in the local culture and learnt so much because I was given a lot of responsibility in my project. It has definitely changed my perspective on life and the world.
Kai Tyng Loh, September 2012
I enjoyed the experience entirely. From experiencing Cambodia from a non-tourist perspective to learning about mental illnesses in Cambodia's context; from meeting people from all around the world to planning impromptu activities at the orphanage, there was so much to do and so much to learn. Thank you!
Mei Yin Wong, August 2012
Having wanted to visit India since I was a little girl it had a lot to live up to, and this fascinating country completely surpassed my expectations. My experience was incredible, both of my projects were brilliant and I feel that I gained a lot from the contrasting experiences. I enjoyed living in both Delhi and Kolkata and getting to know these two very different cities that both quickly felt like home, which was primarily due to the warm welcome I received from my host families. I can't wait to go back.
Sarah Minty, August 2012
I really had the most amazing and life changing 6 weeks of my life in Tanzania. I grew to love the children I taught and really enjoyed every single day. There is so much to see in the surrounding areas, so weekends were always busy too. I really wish I could have spent more time in such a beautiful country. I really hope to return soon. Thank you for making all of this possible.
Ileana Fernandes, August 2012
My programme in Sri Lanka was a completely fantastic experience which definitely made me a more rounded and confident person.
Georgia Hall, August 2012
My placement in Cambodia overall was an exhilarating experience and I think that the trip itself enhanced my maturity and development. I volunteered at a medical centre in Battambang, and i learnt a great deal on the medicinal techniques of the community in that vicinity.
Mahdiyya Saleem, August 2012
Romania certainly opened my eyes and the whole experience was not at all what I expected it to be. The place was unexpectedly peaceful and people extremely welcoming, and you really feel that what you do there will make a difference, if not now but certainly sometime in the future. Just the fact of being there will change their lives in a small way and it gives the people you have met something to think about.
Kai Li Loh, August 2012
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