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Get To Know Sarah: Cambodia In-Country Manager

Posted By Travel team on 14 Feb 2018
Meet our in-country leader for Cambodia, Sarah Morgan!Do you have any nicknames? Sarah: Ameah- Kinda means golden (in reference to my hair).Favourite Food?Sarah: Rice. All day every day.How long have you been in CambodiaSarah: A year and a half.What changes have you seen since you started? Sarah: Our FREE Supplementary Class program has continued to grow and shift. We are seeing more students in our centers and have almost 100% pass rates!Why Cambodia? Sarah: Cambodia is a gorgeous country filled with resilient and proud people.

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An amazing eight months!

Posted By Ewa Gheeraert on 07 Sep 2015
This is my last blog entry as an intern in Thailand for GapGuru. I have now been here for nearly 8 months. These past months have been simply incredible, both because this internship has taught me so much as well living in the crazy place that Thailand is. This internship has been my first experience working in a field where I consider a career for myself (this excludes my previous experiences working in coffee shops and Christmas markets).

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Muay Thai

Posted By Amy Ferguson on 14 Aug 2015
Muay Thai is the longstanding art of Thai boxing. It was used in centuries past to train for the battlefield, but has been adapted as a sport by Thai kings and in the modern day. It involves kicking and kneeing your opponent along with punching with gloves. The blows are powerful. We have been a couple of times to a stadium in Chiang Mai, and it is always entertaining. Several instruments are played that heighten the experience.

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Pad Thai and So Much More: Thai Food!

Posted By Amy Ferguson on 11 Aug 2015
One awesome benefit of living in Thailand is the food. Thai food is so, so dang tasty. Delicious food is not something I was expecting, but it is a great part of the experience! It never fails to be extremely good and filling.  Meat lovers will find an array of delicious meats, while vegetarians will find plenty of tasty vegetables as well. Thai people eat pork quite a bit. My favorite pork dishes are moo ga ta, which is pork belly slow cooked over a fire, moo ga tiem, cooked pork with garlic and spices, moo bpeng, which is marinated skewers of pork found at street vendors, and deep fried pork strips.

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Nightlife in Chiang Mai

Posted By Amy Ferguson on 23 Jul 2015
Being a young twenty-something in a foreign country, what’s one of the fun things to do? Go out of course! Chiang Mai city is a short bus ride away from our base where we live and work, Doi Saket. Chiang Mai is a bustling hub and destination for many backpackers coming through Thailand. There are plenty of places to eat and drink to suit varied and changing tastes. You can eat traditional Thai food, delicious cheap and quick street food, and many western dishes.

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Ziplining in Thailand

Posted By Amy Ferguson on 06 Jul 2015
On the weekends a lot of our volunteers like to partake in “adventure tourism” – visiting elephants, rafting, trekking and flying through the jungle on ziplines! This weekend I decided to check one of these events out, and I went ziplining. It was so much fun! I had a great time. We arrived at the check-in point for Thai Jungle. We were much relieved to find fresh, new facilities, which assuaged my worry about the safety of the course.

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Learning Thai: A short introduction to the language

Posted By Ewa Gheeraert on 25 Jun 2015
Thai language is often said to be one of the most difficult to learn. Here is a little guide outlining some characteristics of the language that I have encountered. It is spoken by approximately 60 million people and is similar to Lao. I hope this will enlighten you on the subject and perhaps make you want to learn this beautiful language. I have been in Thailand for five months now, interning for the FutureSense Foundation near Chiang Mai.

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Interacting with the Maasai

Posted By Harveen Hans on 03 Jun 2015
So far it has been an absolutely incredible experience and a great honour to be able to sit down and interact with the beautiful indigenous people of Tanzania and Kenya. The Maasai are considered a warrior tribe and they lead a semi - nomadic way of life where they have no attachments to any possessions really and their wealth is essentially measured by the amount of cattle and livestock they keep. Globalization has had a huge impact on indigenous communities world wide, however, the objective and philosophy of our Maasai English Community class is to preserve the Maasai culture while also teaching them English conversational skills as a lot of them would like to seek employment in community based tourism and even become tour guides as they have plenty of knowledge of the land.

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Visiting Temples in Thailand

Posted By Amy Ferguson on 01 Jun 2015
Thailand is populated with thousands of temples. In Doi Saket, where we live and work, there are at least 12 or 13. Each temple has its own character. Some are forested, reclusive ones that host a single monk. Some are bustling hubs with schools that educate many young novice monks who live at different temples nearby. Some attract many tourists. There are a few centers with Buddhist nuns, who are much more rare in Thailand and are trying to establish more monasteries for women.

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On Teaching English

Posted By Amy Ferguson on 26 May 2015
The feeling of joy one gets when a student understands something cannot be overestimated. When you see the light in their eyes as they give a correct answer, it all becomes worthwhile. Thai students seem to excel at writing and copying down words, yet have a difficult time speaking what they know and making conversation. So, many of us like to teach in a way that gets them speaking out loud confidently. Learning another language requires skill but also opens the mind.

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