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Chris George
About Me
Hi, I'm Chris, I have been working in the performing rights field for 5 years and am now taking my experience to India. I am looking forward to experiencing all that India has to offer! Bye for now, Chris.
Chris George's Blogs

One Week to go

Posted By Chris George on 08 Jul 2007
No less than one week till I’m off to India! I had my final vaccination this morning so I'm now invincible to anything and everything. I also started packing today and discovered my bag is too small, even though I'm travelling light - good thing I started early! Just a small amount of shopping left. I had a meeting with Gap Guru a couple of weeks ago and now know where I'm living; with Sarah, a 72 year old social activist (president of a local hospital, spokeswoman for YWCA Chennai, counsellor for an AIDS charity..

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Settling into India

Posted By Chris George on 07 Jul 2007
It's been over a week now since I arrived in Chennai and it's gone so quickly! I've settled in to my homestay with Sarah and Chandra, the maid, both lovely people who have made me very welcome. The food is excellent and they have taken it upon themselves to see that I leave a few stone heavier than when I arrived - I was told off for refusing a third plate of curry, and if I don't have a three-course breakfast I'm told I "haven't eaten".

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Work and Travel around Chennai

Posted By Chris George on 06 Jul 2007
Feels hotter than ever today! Work is very busy I have 11 classes a week. Six of these are with kids, two with adults (both twice a week) and three are with anyone who wants a 12-week crash course in playing the keyboard. I've been writing quite a few press releases for various different projects. The music school where I'm working is run by a charity, Acts of Mercy, who run an academic school in Mamallapuram, a small record label for local bands to get a break, food distribution, widow training (the husband earns the money and after his death the widow has no income and no skills.

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Teaching the World to Sing

Posted By Chris George on 05 Jul 2007
Today is the day after Indian Independence Day, a national holiday here, where celebrations were held to mark 60 years of independence. The other volunteers and I celebrated by spending the day at a beach resort. At one point, in full sun, the temperature reached 117 degrees fahrenheit, or 48 centigrade! It was quite warm, but lovely to jump in the pool or paddle in the sea to cool off. I'm now a certified master at getting into and out of hammocks and could quite happily sleep in one! Maybe an adjustment to my room when I get home..

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Farewell From Chennai

Posted By Chris George on 04 Jul 2007
The three months here have gone reasonably quickly, largely thanks to the fantastic people I've been working with. As I'm sure I've mentioned I don't enjoy teaching but one of the reasons I wanted to do this project was to find out if it was a possibility for the future. There are many options; teaching ain't one of them! Next week Nina and I are having three days out of Chennai to teach kids at a school in Ooty, a mountainous area towards the centre of south India (an overnight train journey to get there), and try and give their teachers some new ideas.

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An Unforgettable Remembrance Day

Posted By Chris George on 03 Jul 2007
At 5.30 this morning we joined the queue (the first of three) at Kanha National Park. The world and his wife seemed to be there but once inside the crowds miraculously disappeared. The organisation seemed to be better here than at Bandhavgarh, with the entrance operation running very smoothly. Our driver (Krishna) and guide were excellent today, pointing out birds, plants and animals very quickly - sharp eyes, again something better than at Bandhavgarh.

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Farewell India

Posted By Chris George on 02 Jul 2007
Hi everyone, My final email! I'm back in Delhi for the week after 13 weeks in Chennai and 7 weeks travelling and guess what? I'm utterly in love with this amazing country and I'm very sad to be leaving! At the moment the plan is to come back in five years, do some more volunteer work and more travelling (especially if I get to see tigers again!) but I don't know if I can wait that long.

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