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Laura Baxter
About Me
Hi, I'm Laura. I am 23 and work as an Assistant Psychologist in the UK. I wanted to take a break from work to gain experience living and working in a different culture. So far, I have settled into my project at the centre for autism, and taken a number of trips to Agra and the Himalayas. Over the next few months, I will be travelling to Jaipur and taking a Tiger Safari as well as continuing to gain experience in the field of autism!
Laura Baxter's Blogs

Arrival in Delhi

Posted By Laura Baxter on 04 Aug 2006
I've finally managed to get to a 'cyber-cafe'! It turns out that there's one right near where I'm staying, so hopefully I'll be able to get here quite often from now on. So, where to start?! I arrived at Delhi airport on Saturday lunchtime, after spending about 6 hours at Heathrow! The queues were crazy because of the took ages just to get to the departure lounge.

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Project in Agra

Posted By Laura Baxter on 03 Aug 2006
It seems like ages since I sent my first email, although it was only 2 weeks ago! I've done so much since I've been here, and there's not time to tell you all everything, so I'll try and give a brief summary! The weekend before last was my first proper one here... I met up with two other 'GapGuru' volunteers Hannah and Habibah. On the Sunday the three of us hired a car (and driver!) and went to Agra for the day - home of the Taj Mahal.

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Weekend Trip

Posted By Laura Baxter on 02 Aug 2006
I have so much to fill you all in on - I'll try and be relatively brief though! The weekend before last I went on a weekend trip to a hill station called Mussoorie, with two other volunteers, Habibah and Reetu, who are absolutely lovely, but are both going back to the UK this week.I miss them already! Mussoorie was a beautiful place, with amazing views of the Himalayas. Our driver was a bit of a weirdo, and would hardly speak to us! The first day in Mussoorie it poured with rain, and was freezing cold, which was so nice.

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