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Margo Gilbert
About Me
Hi, My name is Margo Gilbert and I’m doing a medical internship in New Delhi for 3 months. Margo
Margo Gilbert's Blogs

Sightseeing in Delhi

Posted By Margo Gilbert on 03 May 2010
This week Hannah and I visited Red Fort, the ruins of the last Mughal emperor’s palace. From the outside, all you can see is giant walls of rusty red stone, but inside, the courtyard was filled with building made of white stone and elaborately detailed with carving of fruits and flowers. Some of the carvings even used colored stones placed into the walls as the petals and leaves of different plants. In between the buildings were wide lawns punctuated by trees and what clearly were once pools and water features, though now no water fills them.

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First Days at Hospital

Posted By Margo Gilbert on 02 May 2010
I spent my first couple days in the hospital just watching surgeries because I didn't know what department I wanted to see first, plus that seemed most exciting! My first surgery was a lobectomy sleeve resection, performed in a 63 year old man who had a tumor obstructing his intermediate bronchi. So to get rid of the tumour completely, they removed the upper lobe of his left lung, hence the lobectomy.

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