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Nikunj Lukka
About Me
Hi, I'm 19 years old and took a year out before University to learn more about the world and different cultures. I am going to India looking for an unforgettable adventure! Nik
Nikunj Lukka's Blogs

Arriving in Pune

Posted By Nikunj Lukka on 05 Jan 2006
It's been a week since I landed here and it's been pretty eventful, so just so you feel as though you are not missing out on the experience I will share all with you. First stop was Mumbai last Sunday night/Monday morning. I was leaving the airport when I made my first mistake, to go with the wrong taxi driver. There was supposed to be someone waiting for me with a placard that had my name on it, but I couldn't see it and so being confused and tired (like normal really I hear you say) I went with this driver who says 'You go to Pune no?' After going about 30 meters with him it dawned on me that I am going to a hotel first and so I made a quick u-turn.

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Clubbing in Pune

Posted By Nikunj Lukka on 04 Jan 2006
Hello all, how's it hanging? or in typical Leicester speak wagwan? I went to my first nightclub in Pune on Friday, it was this up-market place that was in the basement of a 4 or 5 star hotel! The club was ok but it was all Hindi dance music and some of the dancing in the clubs is the strangest thing I have seen. But everyone smokes in the clubs, i think it is more of an image thing then anything but everywhere u look people are just lighting up! But the club wasn't a patch on revos, in fact made me miss revs even more! I went to the main shopping area of Pune on Saturday, and it was so cheap there, things are dirt cheap here.

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Himachal and Amritsar

Posted By Nikunj Lukka on 03 Jan 2006
After finishing the safari, I headed back to Delhi for a couple of days before starting my trip to Himachal and Amritsar. I did the Himachal trip with another gapper, called James. The first thing I did in Delhi was a sightseeing tour of the city. We saw all the Parliament buildings, the international embassies, India gate, the Qutab -i- Minar, Jama Masjid, the Raj Ghat - the memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. The next day we left Delhi on an overnight train to Kalka, en - route to Shimla.

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Posted By Nikunj Lukka on 02 Jan 2006
I am currently staying in a flat-share type accommodation, sharing with other Indian university students. It is very much like student digs or something, but really cool. On my first night in Bangalore, I went to see a student play, supposedly an adaptation of a Greek tragedy, and it definitely was a tragedy so to some extent they didn't do that bad! After that we also went to a rock bar, where I was expecting bearded men in leather biker's outfits, like an American rock bar, but instead it was a fairly civilised middle class crowd just rocking along to Black Sabbath! In that sense India never fails to surprise.

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