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Nathan Chilcott
About Me
Hi, I’m Nathan, I’m 18 and from Kent. Having just completed my A-levels, I was desperate to get away, travel and explore a new country.India has always appealed to me; it’s intoxicatingly rich history
Nathan Chilcott's Blogs

The Final Countdown

Posted By Nathan Chilcott on 07 Oct 2007
No less than a week until I depart for India! Now all my inoculations are complete, I can pursue crossing off the final things on my packing list. I am beginning to feel more excited, however I am still apprehensive of what to expect! Constant reminders from the Nurse, friends and family ‘not to drink the water’ & to ‘k

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The big day goodbye England Namaste India

Posted By Nathan Chilcott on 06 Oct 2007
So, the big day came and it was time for me to say my goodbyes and depart. I remember feeling both excited but equally nervous. After checking my back-pack about ten times I made my way to the airport for my long journey to India. Arriving at Heathrow was an experience in itself. I have never flown a long-haul flight before, so I was just wondering how I would feel being stuck on a plane for ten hours, waiting for the unknown.

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Arriving in India

Posted By Nathan Chilcott on 05 Oct 2007
Stepping off the plane into my new home, to a land which had caught my attention for many years, I was finally here in Incredible India. I think that is the only suitable word to describe this country. After making my way through immigration, I was swamped with many air-port staff offering to carry my luggage. The airport was basic, just like a hall with a few men in uniform and old looking computers.

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Bustling Bangalore first impressions

Posted By Nathan Chilcott on 04 Oct 2007
One month in and I am thoroughly enjoying my time in Bangalore, it feels like home from home! Bangalore is notorious for its Western-like style; it does indeed have many good food joints, trendy coffee bars and lush gardens, however the shock that is India still shines through each and everyday.  Early morning I negotiate obstacles of sleeping peopl

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Mysore Weekend

Posted By Nathan Chilcott on 03 Oct 2007
On my second weekend in India we took a trip to Mysore, courtesy of GapGuru. The weekend consisted of both practical training and visiting various attractions. We first stopped off in a small rural village. It was nice to get away from the city scene in Bangalore and to come to a small, quiet peaceful place, whereby the locals were most pleasant and the children were delighted we came to visit them.

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Diwali Greetings

Posted By Nathan Chilcott on 02 Oct 2007
This week is the start of Diwali. The Hindu festival of lights, as the bell sounded for the Diwali holiday at school, the children went wild, with balloons and sweets wishing everyone a ‘Happy Deepawali.’ On the eve of Diwali I went to my first true Indian party with my home-stay. In my Kurta I felt the part. The atmosphere of the party was amazing; with so many people to talk to, music, dance, authentic food and drink, gambling and various pujas, it gave me a taste of how hospitable and warming people are here and how they really ‘go to town’ for festivals.

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