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Zara Hennessy
About Me
Hi,I'm Zara. I am 27 and am the general manager of a country house hotel.I decided to take a career break to achieve a sense of freedom and to make a difference in the world.LovePrincess Zara
Zara Hennessy's Blogs

Journey so far

Posted By Zara Hennessy on 04 Sep 2005
I have had such a busy week!!! Firstly I found my mother ship!!! The shop MANGO!!! We were so excited, new tops were purchased for this weekend celebrations and incase you had forgotten it's my birthday coming!!! I will be the grand old age of 27! I know I look good apart from the wrinkles around the eyes!!! My friend Divya and I had fun getting home the other day as the Auto ran out of fuel on a dual carriage way!!! The fun of traveling in India!!! I may take to writing just about the autos as they drive me mad.

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My Birthday

Posted By Zara Hennessy on 03 Sep 2005
I had the best day. I went on a day trip to Nandi Hills which is around 2 hours from the city. We went with an NGO which has children boarding with them from Monday to Friday which are from the streets/slums; it is a mixed school boys and girls age ranging from 4-16 years. So as you can imagine the day was going to be eventful with 52 children and 15 adults!!! I got to work to find the office (9 other people) screeching "Happy Birthday" to me at the top of their voices, which was great.

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My Weekend

Posted By Zara Hennessy on 02 Sep 2005
Saturday was a stressful day at work as it was panic stations the day before the sports day! I of course got my bossy hat on and everything was ready on time but as you can imagine I always have to check if people are working to English time or Indian!!! In India 10 could mean 10:15, 10:30 or even 10:45!!! So I booked an auto van for 1pm and asked for it to be in English time, well that was a big mistake, it finally arrived at 1:40, we loaded it up to take the stuff to the sports ground where the event was taking place so that took us till 2:00pm the drivers then went for lunch as they did a whole 20mins work so it finally left at 3:00pm!!! That's Indian time.

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New Experiences

Posted By Zara Hennessy on 01 Sep 2005
Well I have got back to Bangalore safe and sound! Saturday was a very early start at work, we then went to pick up other volunteers and we were off on a little outing for the day! We visited a BOSCO centre around 100kms from the city. This centre houses 150 boys aged between 7-18 years old. The majority of these boys have been addicted to some kind of drugs. So they use this centre in the middle of nowhere to re-educate the boys through rehab and education.

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