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Briony Labram
About Me
Hi, I’m Briony and I’m living in Pune for two months working with slum children and teaching them English. I am then then going to New Delhi to work in the community hospital for a month. I decided to take a gap year before starting university to experience different customs and to live in a culture so very different to my own. Briony
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Posted By Briony Labram on 05 Jan 2008
Arrival in Mumbai felt so strange! I was so tired and scared, but so excited at the same time. I was met at the airport and taken to the train station. The train journey was so scary but exciting; I was so sleepy but didn’t want to sleep. There was a guard who constantly shouted Chai, Coffee and I even heard him shout baked beans! When I arrived at Pune station I really didn’t know what to expect but Suvarna (the Pune rep) was waiting for me.

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In Goa

Posted By Briony Labram on 04 Jan 2008
I would truly recommend a visit to Goa. The beaches are idyllic and the sea is so warm. Alex, Izzy, Paddy and I went for three days and it really wasn’t enough. We could have all stayed for over a week! We went to some wonderful places to eat and all ate loads of seafood. We even went to a boat trip and saw dolphins!

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At Wedding

Posted By Briony Labram on 03 Jan 2008
This past weekend Paddy and I we fortunate enough to be invited to a Hindu wedding! On Friday the women had henna on their hands. It was so beautiful but it took ages to apply and I had to keep it on for hours! On Saturday I went to Suvarna's at 4pm and my hair needed to be done! Over the course of the wedding I wore three different outfits and it so lucky that Pappy (Suvarna’s daughter) and I are the sam

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In Mumbai

Posted By Briony Labram on 02 Jan 2008
On friday afternoon Pady and I met and took the train from Pune to Mumbai. It was a four hour train journey but we were in the AC carriage and it was very comfortable. At the station we met one of our friends who we have made whilst living here in Pune and we all took a taxi to our hotel. I was a bit worried about the hotel as they didnt take my name when I rang up to book it they just said that it would be fine..

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