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William Damazer
About Me
Hi, I’m William Damazer I am currently living and working in Bangalore. I am taking a gap year before I begin my studies at Cambridge University. Will
William Damazer's Blogs

Last Blog

Posted By William Damazer on 11 Jan 2009
I have been a Physical Education And Fitness Leader now for almost 2 months and am leaving this Saturday. This week is so incredibly hectic that this is going to be my last blog. There are train tickets (and plane tickets) to book, sooo many leaving drinks and meals, plus i've actually managed to find myself a lot of work this week. Apparently i've managed to do some work over the last month too because Kieran and I were named volunteers of the month (was really cool, we got a big cheer from the office).

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Posted By William Damazer on 10 Jan 2009
As it was our last weekend in Bangalore (that's right the last...but that will be covered more in the next blog) we all decided not to take a day off and make it a short weekend to Hampi. For all we knew Hampi was just a couple of ruins and bolders in a desert...We we're really wrong. We arrived at Hampi at 6:30 in the morning and immediately we went to the main temple in the Hampi Bazaar.

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Tourist In Bangalore

Posted By William Damazer on 09 Jan 2009
The reason there is a question mark after the title of this blog is because I wasn’t sure it was possible to be a tourist. There aren’t any tourist sites in Bangalore. Someone I know who went on a gap year last year actually arrived and turned around almost instantly to head to the coast. So I tried my best to be Kieran’s guide who although having been in the city for 3 weeks had barely seen anything other than Brigade roads (pubs and shops) and the office.

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Going To Goa

Posted By William Damazer on 08 Jan 2009
Last weekend I went to Goa. Goa, the home of Goan Trance (although this was apparently stolen off Israeli soldiers on leave after a tough year). Goa famous for it’s carnivals before lent and it’s all night long beach parties. Goa famous for it’s crystal white beaches. So I went and saw none of that. I wish I had, I was there for the right time and my bus even was going to the right place but instead we went to a cross between Brighton and an old people’s home.

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Posted By William Damazer on 07 Jan 2009
So a lot has happened since my last blog. I can’t even remember when that was as I have been removed from civilization for around a week (well until last Friday). I’ve been ill!!! Not sure if it’s Malaria or not…I’m pretty sure it isn’t, just a normal fever, but that definitely wasn’t nice. It almost ruined my day of basketball (I’m a big fan and it was all star weekend so was watching quite a lot of ESPN) but I managed to recover in time.

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My Programme So Far

Posted By William Damazer on 06 Jan 2009
So the final part of the blog is about my role as an Activity Camp Co-ordinator…actually this is a new blog, I forgot about this for a week.  I’ve really got into much more of a rhythm over the past week and am trying to throw myself into the deep end at work by attending more programmes than just the sport. Last weekend I went to a Funday for the kids in Cub

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Indian Wedding

Posted By William Damazer on 05 Jan 2009
The Wedding was definitely an event designed for the girls in the group…but having been surrounded by the others for 3 weeks now I went along to the wedding as well. Hopefully I’ll have some photos up because it’s hard to convey all the colors and ornaments that were in the wedding centre. It was incredibly beautiful.

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Trip To Kerela

Posted By William Damazer on 04 Jan 2009
On Wednesday evening the 4 of us in Bangalore left for Kerala by coach. This journey being only 12 hours was really easy compared to the train ride…except for the driver decided to put a grade c Bollywood movie on in which only actors with loud high pitched voices were cast in.   When we arrived we found that there are 2 Keralas. Not the rich and the poor (the communist party who rule Kerala has tried their best to avoid that) but between the ugly and the be

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Marathon In Mumbai

Posted By William Damazer on 03 Jan 2009
Although it has been less than a week since my last blog I feel like there are too many things to fit into this blog. Some less important things are that I can know eat with my fingers…almost masterly (well I don’t drop food all over myself now). I have had a stomach upset…but not fatal (was bound to happen) and I have been told the story of the death of the nightclub in Bangalore.

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Arriving in India

Posted By William Damazer on 02 Jan 2009
Last Sunday evening was as usual my trip to 'Selomonis' house for dinner (Selomonis is one the Keepers at the Crocodile Bank), only this week I was not to go to his house but to a wedding. I’m not quite sure how to do a blog…I’ve never done one before. The only thing I’ve decided is that I won’t start it with Dear Diary. I’ll just dive straight into it. I left for Bangalore on Friday and have pretty much been jet lagged ever since! India is an inconvenient five and a half hours ahead, which puts you out of sync for a while.

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