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Pontus Bergmark
About Me
Pontus is from Sweden and is travelling to India to do a journalism internship in Bangalore. He will be working on one of the largest English language newspapers in India!
Pontus Bergmark's Blogs

Three Weeks In, Happy Diwali!

Posted By Pontus Bergmark on 26 Oct 2011
My third week here in India, and I’m starting to get used to things not being quite as they are at home. The sometimes crazy traffic, the cows in the middle of the road and the stray-dogs barking at night are now feel as commonplace as snow in Sweden, so to speak. This weekend I went with Will and his dad who was visiting (and was not used to the constant traffic-horns at night) to the Lalbagh botanical gardens. It was really a nice change from the hustle bustle of Bangalore - a quiet sanctuary surrounded by the fast-growing city.

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My First Week in India

Posted By Pontus Bergmark on 19 Oct 2011
My first week in India! What can I say? It’s definitely a big change from Sweden, but I guess that’s the point of my coming here – to experience something completely different! My host-family, consisting of Ammini (wife) and Ram (husband) is really great, and provided me with a very warm welcome. Ammini makes great, delicious food and she never let’s me go hungry, while Ram is a big talker that can entertain you with stories (about the most varied subjects) for hours on end…!On Monday the local GapGuru-coordinator Hema and her husband took me to meet the editor of the newspaper I’d be interning at.

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Leaving for India

Posted By Pontus Bergmark on 06 Oct 2011
My time for departure to Bangalore, India is drawing closer and closer. (Too) Early tomorrow morning I fly from Stockholm to Brussels, and onwards to Mumbai and finally to Bangalore to start my journalism internship. I'm slightly terrified and really excited at the same time! While studying up all I can on India and Bangalore to arrive as prepared and ready as I can, I'm starting to realize the best thing to do is to just go with the flow.

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