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Tom Medley White
About Me
Hi, I'm Tom, and when I had to plan a constructive gap year at very short notice, Gap Guru amazingly managed to find me the perfect job in the perfect city, working in Bangalore. Tom
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Posted By Tom Medley White on 06 Jan 2008
A jam packed weekend! We left early on Saturday morning; Mysore is about a 4 hour drive from Bangalore. We stopped on the way for traditional South Indian breakfast, before stopping at Srirangapatna. This place, a few km from Mysore is a tourist hotspot, for Indians and foreigners alike. It is crammed with temples, mosques and ruins. It was once a huge fortress town, ruled by Tipu Sultan, but it fell to the British in 1799.

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Posted By Tom Medley White on 05 Jan 2008
Last Sunday I went out with some friends from Woodstock to see ISKCON Temple. ISKCON stands for The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (the ‘Hare Krishna’ movement). The temple itself is enormous, though divided up into many small sections; the largest room is probably smaller than the average parish church. The centrepiece is a large golden shrine for Krishna, which is surrounded by flowers and oil lamps.

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Commercial Street and Parade Ground

Posted By Tom Medley White on 04 Jan 2008
The other day I was working the late shift (4.30-1.30) so I had most of the day free to explore more of Bangalore. This time I went to Commercial Street, the main shopping district. This area has been largely untouched by western shops and remains chock full of traditional Indian shops and wares. It is just amazing to wander around, I have by no means finished exploring the area. Round every corner there is another tiny street crammed with shops, and where there isn’t a shop front there’s a stall placed in front of the wall.

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A Day Out in Bangalore

Posted By Tom Medley White on 03 Jan 2008
I took to the streets of Bangalore on my own today, which was quite scary but quite fun. Inevitably everything which people always say happens happened, beggars followed me around, every market stall you looked at had the owner coming out and offering you something to buy, and there were plenty of cows! I kept to the main streets today, M.G Road and Brigade Road, though I did spend some time wandering round some of the smaller streets nearby.

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Posted By Tom Medley White on 02 Jan 2008
Sorry this has taken a long time to come, but since arrival life has been non-stop! I will tell you more about things when I have my internet properly set up (I am just using the computer in the office at the moment). Arrival in India is a complete shock to all the senses. No guide books can possibly prepare you for the overwhelming nature of experiencing the sight, sound, smell of a completely different culture all in one go.

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