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Ishan Hill
About Me
Ishan is doing a business internship in Tanzania. He is working on GapGuru’s HIV grant programme, which helps HIV sufferers to build sustainable livelihoods and support their families through small businesses.
Ishan Hill's Blogs

Mt. Meru, Kilimanjaro & The Serengeti

Posted By Ishan Hill on 14 Nov 2011
So the last couple of weeks have been pretty incredible. First, during the week of the 10th, I climbed Mt. Meru. Not only did I climb the mountain, I climbed the whole mountain totally barefoot. The first two days, we had absolutely amazing weather. Then we awoke at 2 in the morning to summit, it was raining. We waited a couple hours in case the rain decided to let up. It didn’t. For the 20 minutes I wore my hiking boots, but then I decided that I really, really wanted to be the first person to climb Mt.

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Settling In and Starting Work

Posted By Ishan Hill on 19 Sep 2011
So I’ve been here in Tanzania for about a month and half and so far I really like it! The first month or so has been focused on getting settled in and figuring out what exactly it is I am doing here. My work with the Shukrani SACCOS is focused mostly on business training and increasing their capital base. Last week I taught (for the first time) a business course. I took an online college business class during the summer before I came to Africa so I was able to use a lot of what I learned in that course in the business training.

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First Month in Africa

Posted By Ishan Hill on 23 Aug 2011
Its been nearly a month since I left home for Africa. The experience so far has been incredible.Just after exiting the security check at SFO, I made a friend with whom I can honestly say I will keep in contact with for a very long time. We eventually ended up thousands of miles away from each other and I don’t know where or when or how but we will meet again. That I know. After an exciting (it wasn’t) 8-hour layover in Frankfurt and one last college essay, I flew to Zurich.

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