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Tom Monaghan
About Me
Hi, It's a couple of days before I'm about to leave and I'm quite nervous. It's funny how your home seems more comfortable when you're just about to leave it! Bye For Now Tom
Tom Monaghan's Blogs

Off To India

Posted By Tom Monaghan on 05 Feb 2008
I've got everything organised and packed and now it's just a case of waiting to go. In truth, I'm really looking forward to going. I've been wanting to go to India since I was young, and the chance to live with an Indian family will give me a real insight into Indian culture. I'm also really looking forward to teaching at the school. I expect it will be a challenge, but an exciting challenge. I hope

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My First Week In India

Posted By Tom Monaghan on 04 Feb 2008
My first week in India has been fantastic. I have settled in surprisingly quickly and my homestay is very comfortable. Getting into the airport after a sleepless flight, my baggage was delayed by an hour. It eventually turned up, though, and the journey from the airport to my new home really lifted my spirits. As soon as we turned out of the airport I had to laugh in amazement because there was a cow in the middle of the road!The food at my homestay is brilliant Eating with my fingers was a challenge but after a while it just becomes natural.

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School Annual Day

Posted By Tom Monaghan on 03 Feb 2008
I had great experience the other weekend. The school had it's annual day, where all the parents, students and teachers were invited to an award-giving ceremony and then the students put on a show. Awards were not just for good kids but also for good teachers and good parents. When the two teachers went up to receive their awards one of them cried and said "when the kids feel pain I feel pain", which was very touching.

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Two Months in India

Posted By Tom Monaghan on 02 Feb 2008
Two months in, and I’m still loving every minute of my stay in India. I have the semblance of a routine, but every day is completely different. Looking back, I was a little overwhelmed when I first arrived in Bangalore. The noise, crowds, pollution, heat, filth, beggars and hawkers were far worse than I expected. Rickshaw drivers drive around in circles to rip you off, beggars grab on to you and don’t let go, rabid dogs follow you menacingly, dead rats litter the pavement, cockroaches scuttle up the walls, curious eyes stare at you persistently and the only way to cross the road is to walk out in front of dozens of honking cars.

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