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Narelle Evans
About Me
Hi, I decided to take a gap year prior to going on to university to gain valuable work experience and at the same time, travel and explore another culture. I chose India because it offered the perfect combination of new and old - vibrant and dynamic cities and places of great historical interest. Love Nellie
Narelle Evans's Blogs

Nellie in Delhi

Posted By Narelle Evans on 05 May 2006
Yeah I'm havin a wicked time. I'm really starting to get into the swing of things although still a little homesick. Geetika and the family are really lovely. I'm so glad that I got put into their home. Tom's here now so I also have some other company. The project is going well and I start teaching my dance classes today. I've been hanging out with the guys loads though. I've made so many friends through the place and I often spend the evenings in the bars with some of the guys.

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Posted By Narelle Evans on 04 May 2006
I think last time I spoke to you all I was just going out on the school on wheels. I went with the project in the bus to a slum cluster to visit the children. It was amazing! Totally heartwarming! The kids were really friendly and we drew pictures with them and played with them. They live in makeshift houses and have very little food, water and clothing available to them. They can't wait for the project bus to arrive.

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Crazy Weekend

Posted By Narelle Evans on 03 May 2006
Saturday Me and Tom went on a sightseeing day. A guy from work called Prashant picked us up and took us everywhere. We went to this craft market, then we went to the zoo. The zoo was really nice, it was huge. They had random monkeys that weren't in their cage running around and they were well sweet. I also got to see elephants which made my day. We also managed to pay the zookeeper to let us into a staff enclosure and we got to see the tigers up close.

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Tiger Safari

Posted By Narelle Evans on 02 May 2006
Bandhavgarh is brilliant. The family I'm staying with are lovely. I m still living of traditional Indian food like Dal, Rotis, Lady finger, Indian mixed veg so I definitely wont be home tanned and toned! I got to see my tigers! I also saw elephants and 3 different types of monkey and wild dogs and samba and loads more.... I got proof I got pics! You'll be able to see how close I got to the tigers.

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