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Tom Welford
About Me
Hi, My name is Tom Welford and I am going to New Delhi for 2 months on a medical intern course. The reason I am doing this is because; I want to be Dr Welford, I have never been to India before, I want to learn what it’s like to live and work in a different country and I want a sun tan. Tom Welford
Tom Welford's Blogs

Arriving in India

Posted By Tom Welford on 06 Jul 2010
My first sense of India was the sheer blanket of heat that washed over me as I left the airport. I checked my watch against my driver’s just to see if I was correct. It was 7am and it was boiling. I couldn't possibly imagine the mid day heat, if this was how hot it was in the morning. The driver was very interested and intrigued with the UK and what I found fundamentally different between the two.

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First Days at the Hospital

Posted By Tom Welford on 05 Jul 2010
The Monday was our first day at the hospital; we were driven there by Sowmya. She showed us to Neeloofer, who is in human resources. We were then sent to the emergency department where we started our placement. Within the first 30 seconds a patient came in who had suffered from a heart attack, she was in a very bad state. She was our first patient so I felt connected to her, within 10 minutes she was dead :( :( :( I was a bit upset.

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Posted By Tom Welford on 04 Jul 2010
Jaipur, "the Pink City" was the first place I visited outside of Delhi. I went with Holly, John and Michelle. We took our first step out of the train station to be promptly surrounded by a group of 10 to 15 auto drivers all shouting for us to take their auto; "good price sir, good price", "student price". After wading our way through the group of eager Indians we made our way to the outside of the train station where we found less ridiculously priced rickshaws, we landed ourselves one guy for the whole day for a mere 350 Rs.

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Posted By Tom Welford on 03 Jul 2010
Agra was an emotional roller coaster, a lot happened in such a short amount of time. We awoke on the Saturday at a ridiculously early time, 5am. We made our way around the general area within our taxi and picked up the Agra crew consisting of; me, John, Michelle, Rob and Lisa. Our ride there was going smooth most of the way, but then we were hit by torrential monsoon rains, which pooled around the vital roads it seemed we needed to take to get to the Taj Mahal.

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Posted By Tom Welford on 02 Jul 2010
Varanasi was easily the best weekend away in India, we just did so much, I will elaborate below. The land of Varanasi (Kashi) has been the ultimate pilgrimage spot for Hindus for ages. Often referred to as Benares, Varanasi is the oldest living city in the world. We took the overnight train from Delhi to Varanasi, the train took a grand total of 14 hours.

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